Submission Guidelines

Please submit one video that is under 5 minutes in length

Use your YouTube account or create one HERE

After your video is uploaded, click the “share” button under the video and then COPY the link that appears. This is the video URL. This will be entered into the submission page on the I AM: Trans People Speak COMMUNITY website.

Audio tips:

Good sound is important! Make sure to shoot in a quiet place and speak loudly and clearly.

Visual Tips:

Sit with light shining on your face and not behind it. Avoid sitting in front of a bright window or bright light.

Title and tag your video:

Use “Trans People Speak” in your title and post your own personal I AM statements in the description box.

Things to AVOID in your video:

  • NO nudity
  • NO sexually explicit or violent content
  • NO offensive or oppressive language or content
  • NO extensive or detailed information regarding medical transition
  • DO NOT ‘out’ other individuals
  • DO NOT go over 5 minutes in length

*All submissions that do not follow guidelines will be discarded and will not be included in the  I AM: Trans People Speak COMMUNITY project.

Please keep in mind that the videos published on our website will be accessible to anyone with internet access. Once published on our website, the I AM: Trans People Speak project cannot be responsible for, or monitor who, sees the video or reposts it.