Prompt Questions

Here are some suggested topics and questions that you can think about
answering in your video. While these are optional, and you may only have time
to touch on one or two points in your video, they will help you think about
the message you want to share with the public. By keeping your language
simple and inclusive, you can be sure to reach the widest audience. This
is a chance to speak thoughtfully and informatively about your life in
relationship to the transgender communities and the issues that are most
important to you.



-What does your identity mean? How would you define it?

-What do you wish other people knew about the trans community?

-What do you know now about the trans community that you wish you

had known when you were younger?

Media Focus

-How do you feel the media portrays the trans community?

-Have you seen characters or news stories about trans people
in the media? How did you feel about these portrayals?

-If you have been talked about in the media, how did they do?

-Why is it important that the media use a trans person’s correct
name, pronoun, etc.?


-How did you come out to your family?

-What are some of the challenges of being a trans person in your family?

-What has been the most impactful part of coming out to your family?

-How has being trans affected your family relationships,
either positively or negatively?


-Have you ever been discriminated against/had a positive experience
when seeking employment due to your gender identity or presentation?

-Have you ever been discriminated against/had a positive experience
at a job due to your gender identity or presentation?

-If you are currently employed, are you out as trans at work?

-Are there enough competent doctors and healthcare workers
that are trans inclusive and knowledgeable about trans issues?

-Do you feel comfortable seeking medical services? Why or why not?

-Have you had positive/negative experiences seeking medical services?

-How has being trans affected getting or keeping housing?

-Would you feel confident seeking the help of law enforcement
if you were in danger?

Ally Specific

-How are you connected to the trans community?

-How have the trans people in your life experienced discrimination?

-What do you want people to understand about your trans friend,
partner, or family member?

Other Identities

Trans people are so much more than just their trans experience,
and these complexities are disregarded and humanity is too often
questioned by society at large. So besides being a trans person or
an ally, who are you?

-What communities other than trans communities are you parts of?

-How have these communities transformed your life?

-What is your religious identity? How does it intersect with your trans identity?

-How does your trans identity intersect with your racial or ethnic identity?

Hobbies and Activities

-Do you have any hobbies or activities that you love to do?
If so, what are they?

-Have any of these hobbies or activities transformed your life?
If so, how?